Solving complexity from
idea to product.

We create innovative digital products for meaningful human experiences.

We create innovative digital products for meaningful human experiences.

neon helps organisations navigate digital transformation with extensive experience in developing strategic ideas and digital products and a focus on regulated industries.

From Research to Product: Taking innovative ideas to the next level.

  • Research

    Profound research, sector analysis and benchmarking are essential to develop a deep understanding of underlying business models and user needs.

  • Strategy Consulting

    Applying our industry experience and knowledge of specific business needs we help our clients develop ideas, a product vision and a sustainable implementation strategy.

  • Agile Project Management

    Working in agile and dynamic project setups we stay flexible and efficient throughout the project from beginning to end.

  • UX and UI Design

    In a collaborative process our UX designers develop scribbles and wireframes based on the user journey. Then interface designers create moods, design systems and style guides closely aligned with our developers, in order to allow a modular design framework.

  • Prototyping and Testing

    We use prototypes to validate functions and the feel of the interface at various stages during the process. To test our assumptions, ensure market fit and verify user acceptance we apply usability testing throughout the process.

  • Frontend Development

    In an iterative process our Frontend Developers create modular, flexible, components, which are developed and tested in close collaboration with the entire product design team.

We translate complex service processes into intuitive digital products.

We translate complex service processes into intuitive digital products.

Healthcare, Financial Services, Travel and Aviation, Mobility, Digital Consumer Products, Automotive

Our Clients

The neon values

  • ° 1

    Love change

    We love to be part of the era of digital transformation and embrace the challenges that come with bold innovative ideas.

  • ° 2

    It’s all about teamwork

    We believe only a team of experts with diverse backgrounds can solve complex challenges and create innovative and unique experiences. That’s why we collaborate closely with our clients and partner with industry experts to bring as much know-how as possible to the table.

  • ° 3

    Efficiency is key

    We know how important it is to bring digital innovation to the user as fast as possible. That’s why we emphasize efficiency and apply iterative methods and usability testing to make sure we’re always on the right track.

  • ° 4

    There’s beauty in simplicity

    Every user deserves an excellent experience. Especially in complex business environments it is our job to break down complicated processes into easy to understand interfaces.

We believe that all value is derived from bringing the best people together.

We work in well attuned yet dynamic teams, assembled from our network of industry experts.

A network of diverse talents offers unlimited possibilities: Depending on the needs and challenges of each project we put together a team of internal and external experts, each with years of experience in different areas of the digital industry. The team structure is thereby highly customisable and can be quickly adjusted throughout the progress when necessary.

Let’s co-create innovation!
We believe that by collaborating closely and combining our expertise with our clients' insights and experiences we can truly innovate business processes and create great products that will stand the test of this fast-paced time of digital transformation.

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